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 Artist and designer, Noel Hagman, was born and raised in Santa Monica, California, traversing the privileged and surreal world of Hollywood elite (being the granddaughter of Larry Hagman and great-granddaughter of Mary Martin) and two working, upper-middle class households of parents, striving to provide a sturdy foundation.  Growing up surrounded by wildly (and just plain wild) creative family and friends – an environment without a doubt lush in artistic influences and ‘life’ experience, exposed Noel to an intensely colorful world which offered, early on, an array of artistry as well a unique perspective into the striving struggles of ambition, indulgence, and passion. Integrating the past with the presently discovered, her own work sensically demonstrates the fusion of opposites – melding creativity and functionality, fashion and art, commercialism and altruism, message and meaning, pain and pleasure, old and new, self and family…

 The love affair between her artistic passions and an affection for fashion began when she got the idea to hand-paint flowers on high heels – which, after quickly gaining outside interest, motivated her to more fully commit to the endeavor with even broader creative aspirations.  Noel created her first line of mixed-media original Shoe Art in 2008, which has featured in celebrity fashion shoots, fashion editorials, trendy boutiques and contemporary art galleries.

 Noel is artistically driven by the concept of ‘Wearable and Functional Art,’ and is generally consumed with the idea of altering the materially mundane pieces of one’s life & style into a practical form of personal expression.  Catalyzed by the process of designing one-of-a-kind shoes and an ongoing fascination with personalized fashion via individual artistry, Noel conceptualized an idea for a commercially innovative and novel consumer experience –  a recreational store providing fashionable jewelry / accessories and the do-it-yourself creative services to make your own designs.

 Presently, Noel is developing and working toward launching the ‘Store’ concept while continuing to expand her custom Shoe Art business.  Projects currently under development, including: Wearable Shoe Art series/collections (for women and men); Shoe Art installations & commissions; Special Event collaborations & exhibits.

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